#FoSS is a forum of School establishment, regulatory bodies, Parent-teachers Associations, Law Associations, Judiciary bodies and Civil Societies. Varied senior-members from these above institutions joined this colloquial-body which is intending to design and develop policies and programs to protect and safeguard school-children from all forms of atrocities and sexual harassments and life-threatening situations.

FoSS is a shOObh Group Welfare Society initiative. 

Main objectives


The objective of the FoSS is to create awareness within school education fraternity including school administration, regulatory bodies, civil society, judiciary, and Parent-Teachers Associations about the safety and security of the school children in India

To help school collaborate and share child protection plan with each other to make each school a safe space for the children.


Other broad objectives


  1. Take a stock of the situation of the various forms of violence, torture and harassment including sexual harassment against children
  2. Identify various policy provisions, laws and regulatory mechanisms that prevent the rise of child abuse, exploitation and sexual harassment against children
  3. Identify the gaps in the policy, laws and regulations and develop a national framework to address these gaps in the system
  4. Identify and develop and action plan/ road map in consultation with various stakeholders that may lead to various policy reforms in India
  5. Develop an advocacy action plan to initiate the dialogue with the Government, child protection agencies and judiciary to take appropriate action on this regard.
  6. Take inputs from the experts about the conceptual framework of school safety and establish a tool-kit for implementation of school safety norms.
  7. To insure the implementation of and compliance to these policies.