#FoSS is a forum of School establishment, regulatory bodies, Parent-teachers Associations, Law Associations, Judiciary bodies and Civil Societies. Varied senior-members from these above institutions joined this colloquial-body which is intending to design and develop policies and programs to protect and safeguard school-children from all forms of atrocities and sexual harassments and life-threatening situations.

FoSS is a shOObh Group Welfare Society initiative. 



As educators, as parents, as citizens, we know that young people do better at school and in life if they attend schools where they feel welcome and safe.


Students and educators must feel safe in school to create an optimal learning and teaching environment. Creating a safer school must take into account emotional and physical safety and security, and the school building and its infrastructure plays a vital role in both areas. Incorporating advanced security technology that bolsters security to create safer schools requires modernization and new construction plans designed to help prevent, intervene, mitigate and recover from the variety natural, physical, social and technological threats to the school and community.


Many schools are already being proactive in ensuring they have school policies and implement other activities that create safe and inclusive school environments, and other schools may be on that journey.


Forum of Safe Schools (FoSS) program contains research, ideas and strategies on how school can become Safe School – so that school can ensure they are doing everything possible in providing a welcoming and inclusive school experience for all students, their families, and staff.